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"Today, tanned leathers are a by-product of the meat industry - if not used, they must be buried or burned."

We are all looking for accessories that will last a long time and get value for our money. Leather is a long-lasting material made of animal skin, especially cattle leather. The content will withstand wear and tear and will remain stronger with handcrafting. It is also an environmentally friendly product. Isn't it surprising to take a waste product and make it a useful and beautiful material?


Leather is resistant to abrasion and harsh weather conditions. High-quality leather products last a long time compared to other materials. Genuine leather does not peel, does not crack as long as it is maintained, and this feature increases durability. You can always review the skincare section to increase stamina.


Whether it's its natural color or specially dyed colors, leather will always add quality to your style. Style is still important. Everything in leather is a plus!


For the daily look, stay away from the effects of plastic, carcinogenic, or synthetic fiber! The natural look is stylish and never goes out of style.


Leather goods indeed are one of the best materials because, although beautiful and stylish, they are functional and guaranteed to last for a very long time.


Synthetics are made from petroleum by-products and are thought to harm the environment as they emit harmful gasses during the production process. Animals are a renewable and sustainable resource. Of course, chemicals can be used in the processing and finishing of leathers. However, considering how long a high-quality leather bag lasts, it will be noticed that environmental damage is minimal compared to the life of the product.


Leather is a versatile material, and S.TAN leather design products come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It can meet many needs from travel to shopping. It is also a timeless and elegant material. It never goes out of style; Buying a genuine and high-quality leather product serves some people as a symbol of identity or status, as it looks almost elegant and expensive.