Short story
We believe in providing our customers access to hand-crafted premium quality leather products at honest prices.

Leather is a natural material and can discolor. The aged leather matures and looks more beautiful. In particular, unpainted light-colored leathers tan more dramatically. The rubbing areas will darken faster, and the shadows will be darker where you keep them constantly. This is because it absorbs the earth's elements over time, such as movement, sunlight, heat, or the natural oils your body produces. As each S.TAN ages, his soul grows more robust.

Every S.TAN is prepared by handwork in our small workshop in Tekirdağ. You can review the main topics that require patience and attention from the order stage section.

It gets better as you use leather. Her character gets stronger with every passing moment. You can find out more about maintaining leather life, cleaning, and care in the leather care section.

S.TAN models are built to order. The delivery process determines the order density and labor time of the product. Orders are prepared in order and shipped. (This period may change for special color requests.)

You can contact us for special colour S.TAN collections.