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Every S.TAN, by spending time in our small workshop in Tekirdağ, we prepare it with unique care.
We build traditional hand tools from the past to make our products, aiming at our superior quality with perseverance and patience.
You can review the main topics of the patience and demanding order process here.

Stage 1: Design and mould

The determined design is drawn on the cardboard by hand, and the drawn areas are cut. The mould is put on the leather, and its surroundings are marked. The marked leather is cut using traditional methods and prepared for cleaning.

Stage 2: Cleaning and dyeing

The skin is first cleaned by wiping with natural methods and left to dry. Dried leather is hand-painted with a brush and cotton according to the desired color. (Only special orders are also hand-painted leather.)

Stage 3: Cutting

The model pattern is placed on the skin to cut, and the surface lines to cut drawn. The created line is cut manually with knives.
Increased pieces of leather are recycled to make smaller items to minimize waste.

Step 4: Sticking and punching

The areas to adhere with strong adhesive are pressed together tightly and hammered for a tight joint. For sewing, holes are made on the seam line with hand tools. And S.TAN begins to take shape.

Step 5: Stitch

Leather products are only as strong as their seams. S.TAN products are hand-sewn with traditional double-needle hand stitch and 0.8 to 1 mm wax thread (depending on the leather application).
This machine takes time to coat and fold according to the sewing, and the fold and fold are solid.

Step 6: Edge trimming

After sewing, it is sanded first to eliminate the roughness of the edge. It is engraved with an edge trimming knife and painted if desired. Finally, a bright and solid appearance is obtained by applying wax to the edges.

Step 7: Control and package

Each S.TAN is done quality control with great care. Natural care cream is applied. (It is protected against negative factors such as moisture and water.) It is packaged for cargo and is now ready for shipment.

Stage 8: Cargo

S.TAN is built to order. The order density and the quality period of the product determine the delivery time. Orders are prepared sequentially. UPS or FedEx generally ships it for fast delivery. (Orders are always followed carefully.)

Shipping estimates:

UPS or FedEx Express Shipping: 3-5 business days to USA, Australia, and Canada; 2-7 business days to anywhere else.

Important Reminder:

Leather products may be subject to "Customs Duty" in some countries. "Any Customs Tax charged is the buyer's responsibility."