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“There are no sewing machines! We only use hand tools, needles, and threads.”


Leather products are only as reliable as their seams. S.TAN products are hand-sewn with traditional double-needle hand stitch and 0.8 to 1 mm wax thread (depending on the leather application). Although it takes much more time to sew by hand, the resulting stitch is more reliable and durable than a machine stitch.


As shown in the diagram, the lockstitch produced by a sewing machine is two threads running in parallel. When a thread breaks, the stitch is loosened and separated. The hand stitch creates two stitch lines. If one of them breaks, the other holds the piece together.

“There is no real saddle stitching on the machine. Two-needle stitching should be done by hand.”

A product manufactured to last for a long time should be easily repairable. If one side of the hand stitch fails, the piece can still be used correctly; anyone can do a simple stitch repair with a single needle and wax thread. If a machine sewing fails, the stitch continues to unravel until it is fixed and requires complete stitch replacement for proper repair.
Since 2019, S.TAN has no break off stitches.