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Despite the perception that most productions are fabricated and disposable today, the maintenance of handmade leather goods that we can leave to our grandchildren is essential and straightforward. It gets better as you use leather. Her character gets stronger with every passing moment. Its real value is revealed over the years. The leather is long-lasting, and you can apply simple care methods to maintain its life.


To maintain the leather's quality, keep it flexible, and prevent it from drying out, it is sufficient to apply vaseline, wait for a while regularly, and then wipe it. It is enough to gently wipe the leather with a clean, damp cloth to remove dirt and dust deposits.
Leather is a porous material as it comes from animal leather with pores that absorb moisture, so it's never 100% waterproof.
Before shipping S.TAN products, care cream is applied. This acts as a shield when water splashes into the product and does not absorb water. However, "wet leather care" can be applied for the leather, which is completely in contact with water.


You can empty and wipe the design product and let it dry at room temperature. We do not recommend using tools such as hair dryers. Fast-drying of the leather changes its structure and can shorten its life.


Leather can lose its oil and crack over time. For this reason, it may be deformed, and its strength may decrease. You can apply petroleum jelly or natural moisturizer to the leather with circular movements with your fingers or cotton pads.


You can mix natural vinegar and Arabic soap and rub the skin with the help of a cloth. And you can finish with petroleum jelly on the skin. (We do not recommend using Refreshing products.)


The leather may stretch by nature, but it does not return to its original state. Filling the cards and wallets especially will stretch the leather. Failure to follow the specified instructions may shorten the life of the leather and cause deformity.


The natural leather products we use have a different spirit. Leather products need to breathe like the skin. An airless environment and moisture can damage the leather.

Leather products should be cleaned and moisturized regularly, just like our skin. Cleaning the leather product with vinegar or Arabic soap at intervals of 90 days and moistening it quickly with vaseline will prolong the leather's life.

The aged leather matures and looks more beautiful. In particular, unpainted light-colored leathers tan more dramatically. The rubbing areas will darken faster, and the shadows will be darker where you keep them constantly. This is because it absorbs the earth's elements over time, such as movement, sunlight, heat, or the natural oils your body produces.

Leather is an organic material that absorbs everything in its environment. Even the rubbing of your fingers or the way you put your credit cards in your wallet contributes to the unique character.

Leather products-accessories should be ventilated daily in case of contact with too much perspiration.

It is inconvenient to keep the leather products to be held in plastic bags or airless places. Cloth bags or ventilated areas are more suitable.